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Watch this video for a taste of the 2012 Evergreen Jazz Festival.

When it all started, many in the jazz world must have thought, "That Colorado altitude has taken its toll on those guys. Start a traditional jazz festival in this era?"

But a small group of dedicated jazz-lovers did just that, and to the amazement of many, this July we present the thirteenth rendition of the Evergreen Jazz Festival. It promises to be another outstanding event, living up to the enthusiastic description by a national columnist as "the best jazz festival anywhere!"

Located just 30 minutes southwest of Denver, the scenic mountain community of Evergreen provides an idyllic setting for the 3-day event. Five distinctive, intimate venues ranging from a church to a bar and grill give audiences a delightful variety of up-close-and-personal listening experiences. And the music? Just check this year's lineup! Absolutely top quality musicians, as always.

No big crowds. No big stages. No big sound systems. Just a big jazz experience you're sure to enjoy. Browse the website to get an idea of what a special time this is, then make your plans to join us for the 2014 Evergreen Jazz Festival!

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